Form 333A Visitor & Contractor Induction

  • Health Status / COVID-19 Screening

  • All contractors and Visitors must not present with any illnesses or communicable diseases or access will be denied. Please report any issues to a staff member immediately.
    You may be asked to wear PPE in food handling areas in which you must comply with.
    In addition to this access to the Brisbane Markets precinct is strictly prohibited if you are suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms or if you cannot answer no to the following Covid-19 Screening :-
    Tick the box to indicate that you have read and understood the question and your answer is "NO".
  • Personal Hygiene

    • You must be wearing clean clothes and protective clothing as required to minimise the risk of contaminating produce.
    • No personal items are to be taken into packing, storage or handling areas. An exception is made for plastic drinking containers filled with water only. Phones required as part of your job are also permitted. All items must be accounted for and removed at the end of your visit.
    • Cover all wounds with a clean, coloured plastic adhesive bandage and a glove if required. Contractors / Visitors with open cuts / lesions are not prohibited within produce handling areas.
    • Contractors / Visitors are not permitted to smoke, eat or spit within packing, handling & storage areas.
  • Maintenance Requirements

    • Only clean well maintained tools and equipment are permitted on site and must be accounted for at the end of your visit.
    • Any maintenance activities are carried out in a manner that prevents contamination of produce. Cleaning is carried out post-maintenance as required.
    • Chemicals, lubricants or other materials used for maintenance are: approved for use in food handling areas & used according to label directions. For materials that are not food safe all maintenance / repairs must be carried-out externally in designated BML zones and not within food handling areas.
    • Service reports are completed and provided to BGB with the following details : details of maintenance, equipment, date & name of person conduction the maintenance.
  • Contractors and Visitors Must: - Report gastric illness or communicable disease (eg. Influenza, hepatitis) to a member of staff at BG Brisbane. You must not enter produce handling areas if suffering from these illnesses.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.