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Allergen Control – Food Safety

An allergen is a substance that can cause a hypersensitive immune response (allergic reaction) in some consumers. Food allergies are important to the food industry as they are becoming more common and are potentially life-threatening.

We strictly prohibit the following food items from being brought onto any part of our sections, this includes all lunch & staff rooms.   Good hygiene is important and hands must be washed and sanitised after eating, smoking or toilet breaks.

The following foods are considered allergens:

    • Peanuts & Peanut Product and soybeans and their products
    • Tree Nut and sesame seeds and their products
    • Egg and egg products
    • Seafood / Fish and fish products
Other allergens of concern are:
  • Added sulphites in concentrations of 10mg/kg or more,
  • Milk and milk products
  • Cereals containing gluten and their products, namely wheat, rye, barley, oats,
    spelt and their hybridized strains other than where these substances are present
    in beer and spirits.

Employees should tell management immediately if an allergen is identified and likely to contaminate produce.  


Step 1 – Wet Hands.  Use warm water to remove any visible dirt or soiling.

Step 2 –  Apply Soap.  To prevent contamination, always use liquid soap.

Step 3 – Lather & Scrub for at least 10-15 seconds.  Clean palms, back of hands, thumbs, each finger, between fingers and fingernails.

Step 4 – Rinse Hands.  Rinse under warm running water, pointing your fingers downwards.

Step 5 – Turn Off Tap.  If possible use a paper towel or your elbow to prevent contamination.

Step 6 – Dry Hands.  Dry thoroughly using a dry paper towel.

Step 7 –  Use Hand Sanitiser.