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Minimum Count  –   30 Cucumbers per Crate

Size:   > 260mm Length

           > 35mm Diameter

Cylindrical in Shape

No Bottlenecks

Dark / Light Green

Glossy Skin


Room Set-Up

  • Select Stock  – Refer to Produce Specifications
  • 2 Bins of Stock
  • Rubbish Bins in Place for Empty Bags
  • 1 Stack of Pallets
  • 1 Pallet of Crates
  • 1 Pallet for Packing
  • Wash Hands, Use Hand Sanitiser, Put on Gloves  & Hair Net, Remove any loose items.


  • 1 Person needed for Opening Crates & Placing (Person A)
  • 1 Person needed for Filling Crates with Stock (Person B)
  • 2 People needed for Packing (Person C & D)
  • 1 Person needed to stack completed Crates (Person E)



Step 1 – Fill table with crates

Step 2 – Fill crates with 2 Bags of Cont Cues

Step 3 – Packer packs stock and stacks crates when complete pushing the full crate across table

Step 4 –   30 Continental Cucumbers per crate / cardboard tray.   Continental Cucumbers should all be packed across the tray as per below photo.

Step 5-   Heavy Lifter places on Pallet

Step 6 – Crate opener cleans up empty bags and places cards/stickers on completed crates/trays in between.

a)  Grower Card      b) Date Card

Step 8 – Stack and Complete Pallets

36 Crates per Pallet

Step 9 – Once pallet is completed attach the two yellow tags –

1)  Day it was packed  2) Product Code

  • Place Pallet in Coldroom for storage
  • Complete or necessary paperwork.

Completing Order for ALDI

Step 1:    Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.

a)  QA Check Sheet                    b) Product Assessment Sheet                   c) Individual Pallet Checks

a)  QA Check Sheet – Complete all Fields.

  • Delivery Date & Order Number

Fill in Quantities :-  Cartons or Crates per Product Line 

   – Pallet 

  – Grower

  – Totals

  • Fill in Truck Temperature & Check Cleanliness upon dispatch
  • Sign the Sheet

b)  Assessment Sheet – Complete all Fields

  • Assess each product against all the criteria
  • Minor Defects – Colour, Visual appearance, Skin Marks etc
  • Major Defects – Weight, Insects, diseases, labelling or dates errors etc

– Make any applicable comments

 – Complete Date, Time & Sign 

  • Ensure All Crates have the a) Grower Card  B) Date Card are still attached 
  • Ensure Dates are Correct  (refer to Date Matrix  Info) 

  • Each Product Item must be on its own Pallet.  No mixed produce on Pallets is allowed.  Pick quantity as per ALDI order.  
  • Refer to the maximum number of crates per pallet above.  You must not exceed this amount.
  • Attach the A4 Product Code Sheet to the Pallet  & Write in the Quantity.

c) Complete Individual Pallet Assessment for every pallet of product in Order

  • Fill in all fields.   All checks are designed to ensure that pallets are compliant with ALDI QA distribution centre requirements.

  • Store in coldroom until truck arrives to pick-up