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Net Weight 250g Punnet 

Size:  20mm – 30 mm per piece

12g – 30g per piece

Oblong or Oval in Shape

Red in Colour (3/4 Colour to Full Colour)



Setting Room Up For Stickering Mini Roma Tomatoes

  • Select Stock  – Refer to Produce Specifications
  • 1 Pallet of Stock
  • Rubbish Bins in Place for rejected stock
  • 2 Stacks of Pallets
  • Scissor lift / Pallet Jack
  • Wash Hands, Use Hand Sanitiser, Put on Gloves  & Hair Net
  • Remove any loose items & check for other Foreign object contamination.


  • 2 People needed for Stickering punnets (Person 1 & 2)
  • 1 Person needed for Stacking completed trays (Person 3)


PROCESS  –  Steps involved in stickering blank punnets

1)  Get pre-dated stickers from office.  Check dates are correct.

2) Set room up as above

3)  Hand Sticker all Blank Punnets in tray.   Make sure the sticker is stuck down properly.  No lifting on edges.

4)   When stickering you should also be checking punnets for quality issues – if you remove any non-conforming fruit you must replace what you take out otherwise weight could be affected!   

5) Ensure punnet weight is minimum of 270g to allow for packaging.

6)  15 Punnets to a cardboard tray / crate

7)  Attach the Punnet Label (sticker) & Grower Card to each Crate / Cardboard tray.

8)  Stack and Complete Pallets

72 Crates / Tray to a Pallet.

  • Once pallet is completed attach the two yellow tags –  1)  Day it was packed  2) Product Code

  • Place Pallet in Coldroom for storage

  • Complete or necessary paperwork.

Completing Order for ALDI

Step 1:    Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.

a)  QA Check Sheet                    b) Product Assessment Sheet                   c) Individual Pallet Checks

a)  QA Check Sheet – Complete all Fields.

  • Delivery Date & Order Number

Fill in Quantities :-  Cartons or Crates per Product Line 

   – Pallet 

  – Grower

  – Totals

  • Fill in Truck Temperature & Check Cleanliness upon dispatch
  • Sign the Sheet

b)  Assessment Sheet – Complete all Fields

  • Assess each product against all the criteria
  • Minor Defects – Colour, Visual appearance, Skin Marks etc
  • Major Defects – Weight, Insects, diseases, labelling or dates errors etc

    –  Make any applicable comments

     – Complete Date, Time & Sign 

  • Ensure All Cardboard / Crates have the a) Grower Card/Sticker  B) Punnet Label are still attached 
  • Ensure Dates are Correct  (refer to Date Matrix  Info) 

  • Each Product Item must be on its own Pallet.  No mixed produce on Pallets is allowed.  Pick quantity as per ALDI order.  
  • Refer to the maximum number of crates per pallet above.  You must not exceed this amount.
  • Attach the A4 Product Code Sheet to the Pallet  & Write in the Quantity.

c) Complete Individual Pallet Assessment for every pallet of product in Order

  • Fill in all fields.   All checks are designed to ensure that pallets are compliant with ALDI QA distribution centre requirements.

  • Store in coldroom until truck arrives to pick-up