BG Brisbane Employee Induction

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Repacking Procedures

To repack produce from its original received unit into prepacks or VPS Crates) for Aldi or IGA.

Basic Procedure

  1. Receive produce from BG Brisbane (C Block). Record on Repacking Form.
  2. Check for Quality and Suppliers QA status.
  3. Store Produce in Cold room (at optimum temperature) until required.
  4. Packers to adhere to GMP’s – Personal hygiene etc requirements. Must have washed hands and be wearing new gloves and hair nets prior to commencing work.
  5. Ensure that only new clean packaging is used and new liners should they be required for each consignment.
  6. All packing is to take place within Cold room (with doors closed) to ensure optimum temperature is maintained at all times, and to reduce the risk of foreign object contamination.
  7. Labels to be printed and attached to each unit.
  8. Weight / count to be checked and final assessment form completed.
  9. Retention samples to be collected as per ALDI requirements from repacked consignments.
  10. Complete Repacking Sheet and deliver to office for input.
  11. Store produce in Cold room until required for Delivery.

If you are being employed as a “Packer” at S Block then you will need to complete the individual training courses on each product line that we handle.  Find these in “MY COURSES”.