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Successful Order Picking

To successfully pick an order for a customer you must consider the following : –

– Each order should have two (2) copies of the Picking Slip / one (1) copy of Delivery Note & Yellow Buyers Brand Label
– look for notes from the Salesman that may be typed or handwritten on the picking slip
– Check if Plain pallet or Chep pallet to be used.
– Ask questions if you are unsure of any issues whether it be about stock availability or Growers
– lift lids and check produce and quality
– As order is being completed circle the quantity to indicate that the particular item has been picked in full.
– stack order onto clean pallet
– check counts of what has been picked against picking slip
– record growers used if different to what picking slip requested on both copies
– Sign bottom of Pick Slips & record pallets used
– Attach one copy of picking slip, the delivery note & Brand label to pallet
– Spike the other copy of picking slip at desk, if changes have been made to order (including grower used) DO NOT spike the picking slip hand it into the office immediately.
– tape pallet & deliver pallet to appropriate location (front, back dock etc)