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Wood Policy

Wooden Pallets are to be inspected before use, only ones that are in good clean condition will be used to store produce on.

Pallets within the process areas must be free of contaminates.

Pallets must meet the following conditions if the do not they are to be removed from site, returned to CHEP and are not to be used for orders.

  1. Wooden pallets must be kept in the designated storage area/s where practicable
  2. Pallets within the warehouse must be maintained in good condition.
  3. Pallets must not have loose, damaged, misaligned, spilt or missing boards or blocks.
  4. Wood must not be treated with tainted chemicals.
  5. Pallets must not have any protruding nails, splinters or sharp edges.
  6. Pallets must not have any off odours or physical contamination.
  7. All loose, trailing shrink / stretch wrap must be removed.
  8. Pallets must not have any infestations.
  9. All pallets must be visually clean and dry.
  10. Pallets should not have any bad smell or odour about them.

Packing staff are not to handle wooden pallets, if for any reason a food handler does have to handle a pallet they are required to wash and sanitise their hands and replace gloves before going back to handling food.