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Forklift Safety

Always carry your BML Forklift Operator’s Permit

If you do not have an Access Card you cannot driver the forklifts. It is a mandatory requirement of the BML for all employee’s to have a current Access Card. Please see Rachel if you do not have an Access Card.

Wear seatbelts if fitted

All forklifts are fitted with seatbelts, Forklifts will not operate unless seatbelt is engaged. If you found to not be wearing or misusing the seatbelts this may result in further action including termination of employment

Be Aware

Always give way to pedestrians

Keep it Low ! Keep it Slow!

Travel with forks approximately 20cm above the road whether laden or un-laden

Observe all speed limits

All forklifts are fitted with Governors, any employee whom is found to have tampered with a governor may have their employment terminated. 10kph in the central trading area and 20kph on the roadways or as determined by BML from time to time

It's Not a Race

No racing, spinning tyres or horseplay

Give Way!

Give way when entering roads

Pre-Start Checklists

Forklift Pre-Start Operational Check List must be complete prior to using the forklift each day

No Smoking

Do not smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes or engage in vaping whilst operating a forklift.

Drugs & Alcohol

Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Operating a Forklift

Do not pass other vehicles travelling in the same direction at intersection, blind spots or other dangerous locations

Whilst forklift is moving the use of mobile phones, two way radio, eating, smoking is strictly prohibited. Always park and engage the handbrake in a safe area before completing any of the above

Obey the direction of Market Officers

Travel on the left side of all roadways in the direction of travel and obey all signs

Where roadways are marked, travel within the roadway, do not cut corners

If no load is being carried which obstructs the driver’s view or if a load is being carried down a ramp, the forklift must travel in a forward direction

If a load is being carried which obstructs the driver’s view or if a load is being carried down a ramp, the forklift must travel in a reverse direction. At the discretion of the driver, a forklift may operate in a forward or reverse direction if carrying on level ground a load which does not obstruct the driver’s view

All forklifts travelling on designated roadways, ie Sherwood Road, must obey all Queensland Traffic and Transport Laws which includes securing the load to the vehicle.

Always look in the direction of travel and stay alert

Maintain a safe distance between moving vehicles

Where fitted to forklifts, use indicators to signal turns

Do not drive on designated walkways except when entering or exiting a tenancy area and travelling at right angles to the walkway

Loud music devices, headphones must allow for all reversing beepers, safety devices and verbal communications to be heard by the operator