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Company Vehicle Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all employees who drive company vehicles are safe at all times. Driving vehicles carries significant risk of injury and death.

BG Brisbane Pty Ltd takes its Duty of Care seriously to ensure that all drivers using company vehicles in any circumstances do so in a manner that minimises the risk, both to the employee and the business.

Vehicle – the term “vehicle” as used in this policy, includes but is not limited to cars, trucks, vans, forklifts, pallet jacks, tractors and any other equipment that requires a driver or operator licence or as nominated by the business

Employee Responsibilities

  1. All employees, especially authorised operators of vehicles must familiarise themselves with the contents of this policy.
  2. Employees are to ensure their own safety and the safety of others when driving a company vehicle.
  3. Employees are not to operate any company vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs or while impaired by prescription medication, illness or injury (as per Drug & Alcohol Policy)

Driver / Operator Declaration

All drivers or operators of any vehicles / plant equipment must;

  1. Have a valid Driver or Operator Licence.
  2. Complete and return this Company Vehicle Usage acknowledgement & Disclaimer Form.
  3. Submit this form with a copy of the applicable licence or equivalent to indicate you are legally able to drive / operate the vehicle.
  4. This form will be subject to annual renewal or authorisation to drive / operate company vehicles will be re-assessed if driver circumstances or vehicle requirements change prior to the annual renewal date.

General Policy Requirements

  1. Drivers must ensure all road rules and legislative requirements are adhered to at all times.
  2. Any speeding fines or other related fines incurred whilst driving a company vehicle will be paid for by the employee responsible.
  3. Employees must wear a seat belt, where supplied and required by law / legislation, at all times when driving a vehicle.
  4. Company vehicles are to be driven by authorised employees only (those who have completed and lodged this form)
  5. Employees whose driver’s licences or operator licences have been suspended or revoked must immediately notify the business of the situation and must not continue to drive the company vehicle. Failure to do this will result in disciplinary action which may include the termination of your employment.

Procedures for Breach of Policy

Employees are subject to disciplinary action which may include the termination of their employment if they are in breach of any of the requirements of this policy.