BG Brisbane Employee Induction

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Foreign Object contamination is a major concern for BG Brisbane. Foreign Object contamination can occur from various sources:


Staff are to inspect the facility or packaging prior to commencing work for any signs of pests. There are 5 signs of pest infestation to look for:
1. Droppings
2. Evidence of Nesting
3. Grease Marks / tracks
4. Physical damage
5. Damaged / eaten produce

People are one of the most likely causes of foreign object contamination. Blood, Saliva, Urine, Faeces, Nasal secretions & vomit are serious contamination risks and in the event of an incident all produce within a 5m radius must be isolated, inspected and assessed for exposure or contamination. The person is to be confined to a non-product handling area to limit further contamination. These bodily fluids should be treated and handled as though they are infected with blood borne disease and protective clothing must be worn during clean-up. Staff are to report all incidents immediately. Following Glove, Handwashing, Health, Jewellery & Personal item protocols will help to minimise the risk. See following lessons for more detailed information.

– GLASS (including hard or brittle plastic, ceramic or similar materials) 

No Glass bottles or containers are to be taken onto any of the produce handling areas at BG Brisbane.  Including the selling floor, coldrooms and packing rooms.
It is your responsibility to ensure that in the event of broken glass that you notify your supervisor immediately
and the area is inspected and any contaminated produce within a radius of 5m is isolated and disposed of.  A glass breakage kit is located on the storage shelves beside the hand-washing facility at the Packing Shed.  Any items used from the kit must be replenished.  Please notify Andrea or Rachel in the event of an incident.   Kit includes :  bucket, dust pan and brush, gloves, garbage bag, labels.

Equipment must be in good, clean condition. If you notice any damage please report to your supervisor immediately.
Items include :
1. Brooms
2. Pallet Jacks
3. Temperature Probes
4. Scales

BG Brisbane takes site security seriously and restricts access where possible to only trained and authorised employees and contractors. If you observe any suspicious or unknown visitors on site immediately report to a senior member of staff for prompt response.


All packaging materials are to be stored in the secure packing room on the designated storage shelves.  Boxes are to be sealed and upon opening checked for cleanliness, foreign matter and pest infestation.  Boxes that present with any contamination are to be labelled and isolated “Not for Use” and disposed of after supervisor or QA Manger inspects.  Opened boxes are to be covered and resealed at the end of day to eliminate the risk of contamination.


Only items listed and accounted for on the Necessary Items Register are allowed within the Packing Facility.  These are to be checked at the start of the day and again at the end of the day to ensure that all are present.  These items include pens, calculators, knives, brushes, temp probes, brooms.  No personal belongings should be within the packing facility at any time and should be stored in the designated staff lockers located in the lunch rooms.