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Net Weight 5kg

1 Single Layer of produce  (approx.. 4 pieces across x 6 pieces down) 

Size 80mm – 120mm per piece

Glossy Skin


  • 1 Pallet of Stock  –  Refer to Produce Specifications
  • 1 Pallet for empty Boxes
  • 1 Stack of Chep Pallets
  • 1 Pallet of Crates
  • Ensure you have all necessary items at your station before starting
  1. Gloves
  2. Hair Nets
  • Turn Scales on & Check weight

  • Tare off Scales

  • Rubbish Bins in Place
  • Crates Set Up Ready to Pack Into
  • Wash Hands, Use Hand Sanitiser, Put on Gloves  & Hair Net, Remove any loose items.


1 Person opening crates & removing empty boxes

1 Person Dropping crates and condensing completed

1 Person Checking completed crates

2 People packing



1. Drop stock at end and middle of table.

2. Crates opened and stacked on ground behind packers.

3. Packers to check quality of capsicums during packing process.

4. Single later of capsicums  – depending on the size of the capsicums (approximately 4 across x 5 down)

5. Stack completed at scales – weights checked.

6. Always Ensure the weight is above the minimum requirement – 5.2kg.  Checker to add additional capsicums if underweight.


7.Weight Checker attaches crate cards (a) Grower Card (b) Date Card

8. Crate opener cleans empty boxes & removes completed pallets.

9. Once pallet is completed attach the two yellow tags –  1)  Day it was packed  2) Product Code

10. Put completed pallet in coldroom for storage.



Completing Order for ALDI

Step 1:    Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.

a)  QA Check Sheet                    b) Product Assessment Sheet                   c) Individual Pallet Checks

a)  QA Check Sheet – Complete all Fields.

  • Delivery Date & Order Number

Fill in Quantities :-  Cartons or Crates per Product Line 

   – Pallet 

  – Grower

  – Totals






  • Fill in Truck Temperature & Check Cleanliness upon dispatch
  • Sign the Sheet





b)  Assessment Sheet – Complete all Fields

  • Assess each product against all the criteria
  • Minor Defects – Colour, Visual appearance, Skin Marks etc
  • Major Defects – Weight, Insects, diseases, labelling or dates errors etc

  – Make any applicable comments

  –  Complete Date, Time & Sign 



  • Ensure All Crates have the a) Grower Card  B) Date Card are still attached 
  • Ensure Dates are Correct  (refer to Date Matrix  Info) 

  • Each Product Item must be on its own Pallet.  No mixed produce on Pallets is allowed.  Pick quantity as per ALDI order.  
  • Refer to the maximum number of crates per pallet above.  You must not exceed this amount.
  • Attach the A4 Product Code Sheet to the Pallet  & Write in the Quantity.

c) Complete Individual Pallet Assessment for every pallet of product in Order

  • Fill in all fields.   All checks are designed to ensure that pallets are compliant with ALDI QA distribution centre requirements.

  • Store in coldroom until truck arrives to pick-up