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Introduction / Food Safety & Quality Policy


Our Mission: –

To deliver safe quality products and services, grow a sustainable business while remaining true to the culture that makes our employees proud to work for BG Brisbane.

We Will:

  • Serve, our customers, growers and vendors at every opportunity.
  • Demonstrate company values such as pride, respect, fairness and integrity in every interaction we have.
  • Be a preferred primary wholesaler in the Brisbane Markets.
  • Be a profitable ‘Employer of Choice”
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining a Food Safety & Quality System that complies with the Freshcare Standard, good manufacturing and handling practices, Freshcare rules as well as all legislative and customer requirements. In addition to this we will also comply with the HARPS initiative & Fair Farms.
  • This is further achieved by monitoring 1) HACCP Verification Activities 2) Corrective Actions 3)Management Reviews  4) Internal and External Audits.

This induction is designed to give you a good comprehensive understanding of the operations, procedures, safe work practices and food safety policies of BG Brisbane.  If you have any problems completing this course please contact Rachel or Andrea.  Their office is located on the mezzanine level above C Block selling floor.

We Achieve This By:

  1. Identify and assess the risk of food safety hazards that may occur during the receipt, preparation and handling (including any treatment), packing, storage and distribution of fresh produce.
  2. Prevent or minimise the risk of food safety hazards occurring.
  3. Foster a culture of best practice food safety and quality.
  4. Prepare product to customer specifications.
  5. Identify, trace and withdraw / recall product.
  6. Employing skilled staff, trained in the performance of their duties who are aware of and committed to quality assurance, customer service, and food safety.  Workers are encouraged to monitor and report on activities associated with the Freshcare program.
  7. Ensuring product complies with regulatory requirements set down by Federal & State Governments.(eg. Weights & Measures)
  8. Dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement by training & upgrading our technology & creating a safer & cleaner work environment and making resources available to achieve this and conducting regular review of compliance.
  9. Quality communication and service to our customers, buyers, growers and transport companies.
  10. Complying with all workplace laws, Legislation and Collective Agreements.
  11. Providing a commitment to workers to maintain a cooperative and consultative environment in which to work and by recognising our employee’s right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, as well as ensuring employees are free to choose or accept work and not to be unjustly deprived of work.
  12. BG Brisbane is committed to professional business practices and ethical conduct and does not conduct in any form of bribery, inducement or corruption.

This policy is a record of B.G. Brisbane’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement.  We will take responsibility for the maintenance, implementation and upgrading of the Freshcare Program to meet all requirements.



SC2 Form – M1 Organisational Chart V5


Site Plans – Market Floor

M1.2 Site Map – Packing Facility