BG Brisbane Employee Induction

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Your Role

Food Safety & Work Place Health & Safety are our priorities at BG Brisbane

If you have any concerns about safety of the site or of the produce you need to report this asap to a senior member of staff.

Senior members of staff

Anthony & Vince

Floor Manager
Bailey Delaney


Tony Mele

Charles Mailli

Warehouse Assistant Category Manager
Harrison Gribben

Production Manager
Tammi Kyranis

QA / WHS / HR Manager
Andrea Kruger

Office & HACCP Manager
Rachel Savage

Record your
Pallets & Complete
your paperwork!

Sign or initial
all paperwork
and hand it in

See Rachel or Andrea to Set-Up your Finger Print for Time Clock before commencing first shift!


Please refer to the staff roster for confirmation of start / finish times.

*Your contract of employment will also outline what your weekly ordinary hours are if you are on a salary.   Your salary amount will have been calculated on working additional hours as required.   Please read carefully before accepting this position.

Please note that overtime & additional hours above what is considered your ordinary work hours is “Voluntary” and is not compulsory.   Please discuss with your direct supervisor or management any concerns you have with overtime or your working hours.

A meal break of 30 minutes will be provided each day, plus an additional 20 minutes of rest (which can be taken as two 10 minutes breaks).