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Non-Smoking Policy

Non-smoking policy of BG Brisbane Pty Ltd aims to provide its employees with a healthy work environment.

As an employee of BG Brisbane Pty Ltd you must agree to comply with the contents of this Non-Smoking Policy.

Smoking in the workplace is a recognised health hazard and as such is not permitted in any company office, warehouse area, company vehicle, or other area designated as non smoking. Employees who smoke outside the premises should not do so within four metres of entrances to the building. They should also ensure that they dispose of cigarette butts and other littler carefully.

Please note that e-cigarettes are also prohibited in smoke free areas and vapers need to adhere to the same rules and requirements as traditional cigarettes.


Smoking is NOT PERMITTED whilst sorting produce or picking orders in outdoor areas (Back dock and S Block receivals)

Please use the designated smoking areas and ensure you dispose of cigarette butts and other littler carefully – DO NOT THROW ON THE GROUND and ensure you are familiar and are complying with the Brisbane Markets exclusion zones.

Smoking Breaks

Smoking breaks may only be taken during designated break times or as permitted by the supervisor. (ie morning tea, lunchbreaks or during quiet periods when all work is completed) Smokers will not be permitted to unlimited breaks from work in order to smoke as such situations could result in reduce productivity as well as increased stress among non smoking staff.

Quit Smoking

Employees who are interested in quitting smoking can obtaining more information from

Quit Line

  • Phone: 131 848
  • Website:
  • Email:

Queensland Cancer Council

  • Phone 3258 2200
  • Website: