BG Brisbane Employee Induction

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Designated Non-Smoking Areas

Forklift Operators are PROHIBITED from smoking whilst operating a forklift. Forklifts are designated as a non-smoking area.

The Central Trading Area (CTA) is a Designated Non-Smoking Area.

Purple Zone – Central Trading Area (CTA)

This includes all buildings A, B, C and D, the whole of the Covered Unloading Area and all roadways within the purple outline. All smokers will need to extinguish and discard cigarettes before entering the CTA.


No person is permitted to smoke within (4) metres of any doorway of any building as legislated by the Federal Government. Additionally, smoking in any area of the Brisbane Markets that has been designated as a ‘non-smoking’ area is strictly prohibited.

As an employee of BG Brisbane Pty Ltd you agree to comply with the following requirements;

  • No smoking within the Central Trading Area (see attached diagram) which includes the following areas;
    1. All Offices
    2. C & S Block Warehouses
    3. C & S Block Coldrooms
    4. Company vehicles &
    5. While operating company forklifts
  • No Smoking within 4 metres of building entrances or pedestrian crossings
  • Smoke only within the designated areas
  • Dispose of all rubbish in the appropriate receptacle
  • Wash hands prior to returning to work after a smoke break