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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Overview

It is a mandatory condition of entry of the Brisbane Markets that every person must wear a high visibility safety garment (HVSG) and enclosed footwear to perform work at the Brisbane Markets.


It is a requirement of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2011 to ensure workplace health and safety of all people in the workplace. As per the above Regulations, businesses are required to prevent or control certain hazards which may cause injury, illness or death.

All people, including Management and employees, must take reasonable precautions and exercise proper diligence against a potential risk. One of these potential risks, is the possibility of injury in the workplace due to the use of heavy and high risk equipment i.e. pallets, forklifts.

One of the control measures, identified by the Regulations and being enforced by BG Brisbane is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE is clothing, equipment or substances designed to be worn by someone to protect them from risks of injury or illness.

The following PPE requirements are being implemented, in conjunction with other safety measures, by BG Brisbane, in all of their Warehouse areas and are effective as at 19th April 2014.

Forklift Drivers and Store workers MUST;

This category also includes those who are employed to work a majority of their time in the warehouse area.

  1. Wear high visibility clothing or vest (as per AS 4602.1:2011 High Visibility Safety Garment)
  2. Wear Safety Footwear (as per AS/NZ Standard 2210.1:2010 Occupational Protective Footwear)

Other Employees MUST;

This category includes staff not directly employed in the warehouse, such as office and sales staff.

  1. Wear high visibility clothing or vest (as per AS 4602.1:2011 High Visibility Safety Garment)
  2. Wear appropriate footwear (enclosed shoes)


Gloves –

It is mandatory for gloves to be worn during all repacking activities.  Please refer to the “Glove Policy” for more detailed instructions on proper use and disposal of gloves.

Face Masks – 

At times the Queensland Government may issue a mandate that “Face Masks” are to be worn in certain situations. Management &/or your immediate supervisor will instruct you if and when this mandate is to be followed.   The business does keep a limited supply of face masks available, please see the office if you do not have one.

Consequences of not adhering to the above requirements may result in

  • You may be denied access to the warehouse and sent from your scheduled shift
  • Disciplinary Action or
  • Possible injury to yourself