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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Hi Visibility Clothing

It is a mandatory condition of entry of the Brisbane Markets that every person must wear a high visibility safety garment (HVSG) and enclosed footwear to perform work at the Brisbane Markets.

Entry to the Brisbane Markets

  • It is a condition of entry to the Brisbane Markets that High Visibility Safety Garments (HVSG) are worn at all times in Common Areas including but not limited to: under awnings; footpaths; loading docks; and car parking areas. This subclause 3.1 (g) applies to Persons:
    1. Stepping out of vehicles onto a Common Area;
    2. Walking on Common Area;
    3. Operating a Forklift;
    4. Operating any plant and equipment;
    5. Operating push bikes and scooters
  • Despite the requirements of subclause 3.1 (d), the following exceptions to the requirement for wearing HVSG will apply to:
    1. The General Public during General Public Access Hours;
    2. Persons travelling in vehicles (excluding Forklifts); and

–   Safety clothing must have reflective tape and be worn at all times!

It is a mandatory that all employees wear garments that are in the Class D/N – a garment designed for both day and night use, comprising retroreflective elements on fluorescent or other non-retroreflective high visibility background material at all times inside and outside the tenancy.  Safety vests/shirts should be worn over the top of jumpers and sweaters.